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Welcome to Maria vitale salon

The Center For Healthy Hair

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Maria Vitale Salon is one of Temecula's most trusted salons. Whether you’re looking for a completely new style or want to enhance your existing look, our talented team of professionals are here to make it happen. We provide expert advice tailored to your specific wants and needs.

Our friendly staff will make you feel like you’re at home. We use quality products and the latest styling techniques to bring out your very best.Maria Vitale Salon promises to provide you with 5-star service that will surpass your expectations.

Call and schedule an appointment at Maria Vitale Salon today and let us help you experience the incredible difference even a single visit to our salon can make.

Maria Vitale Salon | | 951-693-4247
26489 Ynez Rd suite A
Temecula, CA 92591

  • Maria Vitale
    Master Stylist/Owner

    For over three decades, Maria Vitale has dedicated herself to the design and vitality of hair.  Robust scalp health has always been the emphasis of her approach, using only natural products.  Always current with the latest trends and innovations in design, she frequently attends fashion shows all over the world. Her service and education in the industry hold many honors:   Sassoon methodology training, color training in the methodology of Beth Minardi (NYC Haircolor Expert and Celebrity Colorist), 2018 AMCA Associate Trichologist Award, and President of the Americoif Organization, an institution which raisesd ethical and professional standards as well as produced shows with international guest artists and industry educators.  In recent years, Maria trained in holistic approaches to scalp issues such as thinning hair and hair restoration treatments.  She is medically certified to treat these challenges by the American Medical Certification Association and serves as an active member of the American Hair Loss Society and the U.S. Trichology Institute.  She has expanded her practice to offer the most effective, current, and safe treatments available.  All hair designers at Maria Vitale Salon, The Center for Healthy Hair, are thoughtfully recruited and trained by Maria personally so that clients can rest assured they are in capable hands.  Maria’s motto:  Beauty comes from the strength within.

    Contact her at:

  • Stacy Albert
    Senior Stylist/ Make-up Artist
    Stacy has been in the beauty industry for over 13 years. She has worked in the San Diego/ Riverside/ Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. Not only has she provided hair & make- up services, She has also worked as a Joico & Beth Minardi educator, and why she is also our in house Assistant educator. Stacy is also one of our Extension specialist. contact her at:
  • Gema Moreno
    Advanced Stylist/Make-up Artist-Brow Specialist

    Contact her at:

  • "Ten years ago, I phoned a salon and asked them to book me with their best hair designer. They recommended Maria Vitale, and I have been with her ever since..."
    Kristen Wittemann

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